Show us how you’ll be the perfect addition to our studio by providing us with relevant examples of your previous work along with your resume. Please apply via our online application system (Below every position there’s an apply button). Always send us samples that represent your best work and speak to your true artistic abilities.

You should include the following (if applicable):

  • Resume: Ensure your resume outlines your education/training, software skills and work experience.

  • Demo Reel: Demo reels should be no longer than 3 minutes. We prefer to receive a direct link (URL).

    • Demo Reel Recommendations:

      Multiple walk cycles (animal and person)

      Weight distribution (ex: lifting a box)

      Strong posing

      Strong examples of animation fundamentals

      Style: snappy and traditional, cut out, mixed

  • Artistic Portfolio: If you have life drawings, background art, models or other artwork you would like to present, we encourage you to do so.



Someone with…

A great attitude and willingness to learn.

Strong communications skills and ability to work within a team.

Who wants to work and create amazing things with us!